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33 fairy tales of puppies and kittens. MAINLAND



Mario is going to the land. Others are waiting. They don’t know this place. It may be dangerous.

Mario and Chuck go ahead. They can see a forest. It is thick and dark. They decide to start a camp here.

All puppies and kittens are on a beach now. The sand is soft and the water is so warm. They go swimming.

After swimming puppies and kittens come back and start a fire. They cook soup and make tea. Now they feel cold. The is going to be chilly. They need to get ready.

Story FOUR


The night was quiet. Kittens and puppies were sleeping all night long. They dreamt of a new home.

Suddenly they hear a loud noise. Mario and Chuck wake up first. They ask the others to come back into the ship. They see a giant. He is going to them. He looks mean and hungry. Puppies and kittens are running back into the ship. They don’t want to be eaten. They are crying. Mario and Chuck decide to attack the giant. They are throwing some stones into him. One hits his eye. The giant runs away. Puppies and kittens sail away too.

Story FIVE


Puppies and kittens sail again. They need to find a home because the volcano erupted on their island.

Today they saw another ship in the ocean. Now they want to get to it and find somebody there. Mario and 5 kittens go to the other ship. Others wait.

Two hours pass but they don’t return. Puppies and kittens feel very nervous and scared. Chuck says that he will go to save Mario. He chooses 4 kittens and puppies and they go to the ship. He says that he will come back in an hour.

Story SIX


Chuck is walking on the board of the ship. Others follow him. They can see a stairs going down into the centre of the ship. They are stepping down.

Chuck can hear some voices. When they come to the bottom they are really surprised. Mario and his team are in one of the rooms. They are lying and eating some sweets. The room is full of these sweets. Chuck tells everyone to not eat any of it. They are pulling Mario and other kittens and puppies out onto the board and come back to their ship. Chuck orders to sail away as fast as possible!



The ship with kittens and puppies is sailing in the ocean! Days pass by.

Today shipboy can see the land again. Now puppies and kittens are not scared. They don’t know what to wait. The ship lands. Puppies and kittens go out.

They can see a high mountains ahead. The mountains look great.

Chuck and Mario think to climb up the mountains and see what is there. They prepare the gear to do it. Everybody feels excited.

Finally, everything is ready. Puppies and kittens go towards the mountains.



Finally, the mountains are behind. It was quite hard.

But look! What is there ahead? Kittens and puppies have never seen such a great wall! It looks like it has no beginning and no end.

They can see a tower in one place. Puppies and kittens go there. Suddenly a cat appears at the top.

He orders them to stop.

Mario and Chuck step forward to talk to a cat-stranger.

They tell him their story. They ask for help. The cat throws a ladder. They all go up.

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